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Carpet Cleaning



Yavapai County's deepest most effective carpet cleaning service that's good for people, pets and the environment.

No Compromises.

With Clean and Green, there’s no need to have to choose between a healthy indoor environment, and the best clean available. We offer our customers the unique opportunity to enjoy the best cleaning results available while keeping your home healthy and toxin free at the same time!

Here's how we do it:

  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions (at higher concentrations if necessary)

  • We use the best equipment available to produce boiling solution at high pressure and powerful suction at the same time. This truck mounted equipment gives us the cleaning power needed for even the toughest jobs. When combined with the optional “Rotovac” service, the results are unparalleled.

  • In addition, when you hire Clean and Green you get the owner-operator who isn’t satisfied until it looks like new. Don’t risk getting stuck with an employee who doesn’t care about you or his job!

The Rotovac 360i: Superior To Carpet Wands.

The optional "Rotovac" service shown below provides superior soil removal when coupled with our powerful truck mounted equipment.

Our Method

With all of our services we use our powerful truck mounted equipment. The high temperatures this provides vastly improves cleaning abiltiy. A large jump in cleaning ability is reached when the solution is hot enough to melt the grime and grease in the carpet facilitating its easy removal. This equipment also provides us with high levels of suction so we can remove more water and contaminents and leave the carpet drier! Also, CALL 928-710-8600 TODAY  to Enquire About Our Pet Stain and Odor Treatment. (Don't hire someone who doesn't soak it down to the pad where the odor lingers).

The exact method depends on the options chosen by the customer and on the specifics of the job, but the general steps are as follows:

  • Inspect and consult with client: A preliminary inspection is followed with a consultation with the customer to make sure they get what they want, and answer any questions.
  • Pre-Treat: The Carpet is pre-treated to loosen and suspend soil
  • Agitation: If the rotovac is chosen, it will scrub the carpet fibers from all directions while rinsing and extracting at the same time.
  • Rinse: The carpet fibers are then given a high temperature neutralizing rinse. This washes free the soil and contaminents, as well as removes residue from the pre-treatment.  Carpets stay clean longer and are softer with this method because the rinse containes no detergent to get left behind and attract dirt.
  • Extract: At virtually the same time the rinse is taking place, the soil and contaminents as well as the cleaning solutions are suctioned from the carpet.  It is left soft and clean with only a small fraction of the water left behind.

IICRC Certified Technicians

The Clean Trust

  • Trained and certified by the IICRC
  • Provides assurance of our knowledge of the best techniques and the standards of our industry
  • Manufactures require IICRC certified professionals to maintain warranty